BSAP Ambassador Discovers The Wonders Of Retail Travel

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Meet Kristina Norman.

She’s a rising star in the travel industry.

Norman was named Fanshawe College’s winner in Baxter Travel Media’s 2016/17 Baxter Student Ambassador Program this past May.

Excelling in her studies and demonstrating passion and leadership skills, she was offered a 6-week internship with BSAP sponsor, TPI as part of being selected as a BSAP winner.

So this summer she took an exciting first step towards her dream career in travel when she began her internship at Wanderlust Travel TPI in Oakville with seasoned travel advisor, Anne Barclay.

“I was always open to trying out different areas of the industry, but after a few weeks of working with Anne, I realized that I definitely see myself as a travel agent,” said Kristina.

True to her nature, Kristina excelled again and the 6-week placement was extended until the end of the summer.

Kristina and Anne recently talked to Press Today about their BSAP experience…

Press Today: Describe Kristina’s role at Wanderlust Travel?

Anne Barclay: As a Junior Agent Trainee, she’s been trained in everything from pricing itineraries in Sabre, ‎changing itineraries, pricing all-inclusives, car rentals and cruises, checking daily Q’s, preparing documents to send out, and calling suppliers when needed. We have her overseeing everything we do.

PT: What attributes does Kristina bring to the table?

AB: She’s very eager and willing to learn, has a professional attitude, and like most millennials, quick on the computer.

PT: How do you like your first chance at working in the travel industry?

Kristina Norman: It’s a great feeling to finally apply what I’ve learned in school in a working environment. I’ve learned a lot here about TPI as well as the industry in general.

PT: What were you most surprised to learn about working in the travel industry?

KN: What has surprised me the most is that when people say the travel industry changes every day, they really mean it! It is so important to stay up to date about what’s going on because it can really affect your work.

PT: What’s been the highlight of your internship experience so far?

KN: My first day happened to be the day of TPI’s Toronto summit. That was a really great experience hearing from many other advisors and suppliers. I could tell that everybody loved what they did which was really inspiring to see as someone who is just starting out in the industry.

PT: After completing your internship, what’s the next step in your career?

KN: I would definitely like to continue working in an agency environment.

PT: Would you recommend BSAP to future graduating students?

KN: Absolutely! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with BSAP. I was able to connect with so many great individuals at Baxter Travel Media, TPI, and other students.

With the support of our industry sponsors like TPI again in 2017/18, winning Ambassadors will choose from a list of once-in-a-lifetime internship or travel opportunities at partner organizations where they too will gain hands-on experience as they begin their exciting travel careers.

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Do you have an internship or travel opportunity for a Baxter Ambassador like Kristina? Send a note to BSAP Program Director, Wendy McClung, at [email protected] to discuss how you can get involved.