Abby DePencier-Cook
University of New Brunswick
Abby  DePencier-Cook
Three words to describe me…
Driven, Funny, Foodie.
My dream job is…
Travelling the world in the travel trade selling my hometown of North Bay and Northern Ontario. It has so much to offer and so much potential.
The most exciting travel trend right now is…
Truly authentic and immersive experiences.
Countries I’ve visited so far…
Five – I’ve really got to work on this!
My favourite travel experience so far has been…
In Edmunsten, New Brunswick, I visited the Railroad Interpretation Centre. It was quirky, fun, and entertaining. I tell everyone about it!
On my next trip, I’m going to…
Morocco! It’s at the top of my bucket list!
On my bucket list is…
Spain, Scotland, the Territories, Mexico City.
My greatest achievement so far…
Becoming a Baxter Student Ambassador!
What’s the worst travel advice you’ve received so far?
“Just book everything when you arrive.”