Alina Doaga

Alina Doaga
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Alina Doaga
Three words to describe me…
Curious, Organized, Silly.
My greatest professional strength is…
Genuinely wanting to do a good job and putting my best into
everything I do. I’m also a rock star with a paper shredder.
My dream travel job is…
Corporate travel manager for a successful social enterprise that allows
me to travel, meet new people, and work with like-minded individuals
who want to support the world through responsible business.
In 10 years, I want to…
Visit all seven continents, have a really nice wine cellar, and work at
a job that allows me to continue networking, laughing, learning, and
On my next trip, I’m going to…
Western Europe, hopefully. I want to drink French wine, eat cheese,
bike through Amsterdam, and stomp on grapes in Tuscany!