Aminah Hausermann

Aminah Hausermann
Ryerson University, Hospitality and Tourism Management
Aminah Hausermann
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Why did you study travel & tourism?
I’m from Dominica, and was born into a time when they were transitioning from an agricultural to eco-tourism based economy. I chose to study travel and tourism to help my country better market itself as a leading Caribbean eco-tourist destination.
What do you think the most exciting travel trend is right now?
AirBnB and the sharing economy. I think platforms like these empower people and transform economies. It’s an authentic way to travel.
Your greatest professional strength is…
My commitment to challenge myself even if it means not being 100% excellent at everything I do. I believe that effort conquers all.
What’s your dream job?
To be a consultant for developing countries interested in sustainable tourism development. To help countries invest in tourism that supports the quality of life of residents, as well as supports the safety of visitors.
What’s your greatest achievement so far?
Becoming a Baxter Student Ambassador. With my final semester workload and other extracurriculars it probably wasn’t sensible to enter a competition that would take up so much time. However, I did it because it coincided with my passion; it felt right. Winning proved to me that following your heart pays and that has to be the greatest lesson and achievement ever.