Anh Dang
Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
Anh Dang
My travel style:
The plan-ahead kind of person, but sometimes I can be very spontaneous.
Why I chose to study travel and tourism:
I had a degree in Economics, but I didn’t think I was cut out for it. I studied travel and tourism instead because I am an outgoing person and I love to travel. Turns out my decision was right, I have never been happier!
My greatest professional strength:
My passion and my responsibility. I am always a team leader when it comes to working in a group.
My dream job:
Working for an airline or in the airport has always been my dream since I was a child. I love to work with customers, to help them fulfill their dreams while fulfilling mine.
Most exciting travel trend:
Sustainable tourism. People are aware of travelling sustainably more than ever before.
Countries I’ve visited:
10 countries on three continents. I will keep adding to the list!
My favourite travel experience:
Malaysia and Singapore in 2017 with my mother and my brother. The trip was a belated birthday gift for my mother that I paid for with my own money. She was very happy and I was quite proud of myself for being able to take her abroad!
My greatest achievement (so far):
In 2009, I was awarded third prize in a national exam for gifted students. In 2020, I was the winner of Baxter Student Ambassador Program from Humber College.
Best piece of travel advice I’ve received:
Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but your footprints.
On my bucket list:
Lisbon! I was supposed to study for my master’s degree in Lisbon, Portugal, but in the end I chose to study here instead. Additionally, I am interested in Africa too.