Annabelle Lord
Seneca College
Annabelle Lord
My travel style:
Adventurous and free-spirited.
Why I chose to study travel and tourism:
I worked in hospitality for five years and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I thought it was time to explore and discover tourism to its fullest.
My greatest professional strength:
My passion for people.
Most exciting travel trend:
Local experiential travel. It encourages a beautiful exchange of cultures and unites us all through our differences, trip by trip.
In 10 years I see myself:
As an experienced profes-sional with a travel product or service of my own. Hopefully, this would be alongside me teaching students about the industry and getting them just as excited as I am about the journey ahead.
My favourite travel experience:
My pilgrimage to Brazil. It was such a spiritual and gratifying experience for me. This was when I knew that I had to see more of the world, the people and their culture. I still feel a connection to Brazil with every Brazilian I meet.
On my next trip:
I would like to visit the French islands of Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Dominica.
My greatest achievement (so far):
Winning this competition. It was a lot of hard work and sacrifice. It gave me the con-fidence I needed to push forward on my journey in the travel and tourism industry.
On my bucket list:
Kruger National Park and Table Mountain in South Africa, Mount Fuji in Japan, Blue Lagoon in Iceland, and hot air ballooning across Israel