Ayrielle Dijkstra
Confederation College
Ayrielle Dijkstra
Three words to describe me:
Caring, adventurous, positive!
My dream job:
To take a group of young adults around the world to do humanitarian work. I love helping others, so why not volunteer as I travel.?
Most exciting travel trend:
Instagram. People post pictures of their amazing travels which inspires others to get out and do the same.
One thing I can’t travel without:
Puzzle books. Whether it’s Cryptograms or Sudoku, it keeps me entertained for hours and really comes in handy on long flights and layovers.
In 10 years, I see myself:
Married with kids and working in the travel industry at home, so I can still travel and have time to be with my kids.
My favourite travel experience:
I got to travel with my amazing class to experience all that Northern Vietnam had to offer. We experienced unique food, different cultures, and extravagant landscapes.
On my bucket list:
My top three destinations are Greece, South Africa, and Thailand.
My greatest achievement (so far):
Becoming a Baxter Student Ambassador. It is such an honour to win such an amazing opportunity!
Best travel advice I’ve received:
To learn some of the local language. Not only are you going to be able to communicate better, but the locals love it and you will feel less like a tourist.