Fleur D’Sylva
Seneca College
Fleur D’Sylva
I chose to study travel and tourism because…
I did a month-long tour around Europe when I was 18 and fell in love with travelling. After hearing my tour guide boast about how amazing his job was, I withdrew my application from Flight Services and applied for Travel Services Management.
The most exciting travel trend right now is…
Airbnb. I love how diverse the properties are and how cost effective it is. It’s also a great way for travellers to meet locals and really indulge in the culture around them. Every Airbnb has a different story, and I love hearing them from other travellers.
Countries I’ve visited so far…
27 countries and am going on to 28 in a couple of weeks!
In 10 years, I see myself…
Living in England, working as a tour guide around Europe, with a very small apartment and a very big backpack!
My favourite travel experience so far has been…
Volunteering at an orphanage in Peru. It was such a humbling experience, and it showed me a whole new side to travelling that I hope to do more of in the future.
On my bucket list is…
Everywhere! But my top three “musts” are to attend Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, stay in a glass igloo in Finland, and bungee jump in New Zealand.
My greatest achievement so far…
Being selected for the Baxter Student Ambassador Program, travelling to more countries than my age, and being voted salutatorian for my graduating class in high school.
What’s the best travel advice I received so far?
From my mum who told me that travelling is the best education in the world
What’s the worst travel advice I received so far?
Never travel anywhere alone if you’re a female.
My best piece of travel advice to give is…
To take a few minutes to look with your own eyes and not just through the camera lens, you’ll remember the moment more that way.