Hayley Johnson-Skinner
Ryerson University
Hayley Johnson-Skinner
Hayley Johnson-Skinner
My travel style:
Adventurous, spontaneous, bubbly.
My greatest professional strength:
Strong work ethic. I always put 110% into whatever I am pursuing, whether it be school, work, planning an event, or my BSAP presentation. I love the reward that comes from hard work.
My dream job:
Working in South America or the Caribbean developing sustainable tourism initiatives.
Most exciting travel trend:
Disruptors like Airbnb who have shaken up the hospitality industry by making businesses rethink how they operate to stay competitive.
One thing I can’t travel without:
High spirits!
My next trip:
I just booked a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, for the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in June.
On my bucket list:
Countries I’ve visited:
My favourite travel experience:
An experiential learning field study course in Jamaica focusing on community-based tourism with 11 other students. Not only did I gain a deeper understanding of community tourism, but we also climbed Blue Mountain, learned reggae dance, and had an enormous amount of fun!
My greatest achievement (so far):
Receiving the Canadian Hospitality Foundation’s Kosta Tamozos Hospitality Management Scholarship in November 2017.
Best travel advice I’ve received:
“Doing nothing often leads to the very best something.” – Winnie the Pooh.