Ian Servello
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Ian Servello
My travel style:
Planned itinerary, sightseeing, good food.
Countries I’ve visited:
I chose to study travel & tourism because:
I have always had a strong passion for travelling the world. I enjoy travelling to a new destination and then coming back and sharing my experiences with others.
My greatest strength:
Attention to detail.
My dream job:
Working at a tour operator or travel agency, putting my organizational skills and experience to good use while helping others book their dream vacations. As an added bonus I would love the opportunity to go on FAM trips.
The most exciting travel trend right now:
Bucket list trips. I think this pandemic has made a lot of people realize that life is too short and, once it is safe to do so, they will make travel a priority and go on these trips that they have been dreaming about their whole lives.
Most memorable travel experience:
Being in London was especially memorable because I had the
opportunity to experience, in person, famous landmarks and historical places that I’d only seen in movies and read about in books.
First place I will visit post-pandemic:
France. I want to see their world-famous attractions and sample their cuisine.
On my bucket list:
Travelling all throughout Europe.
My greatest achievement:
Being a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.
Best travel advice I’ve received:
Always have a plan B.
One positive and lasting outcome the pandemic will have on the travel industry:
I think that during the pandemic, people realized how much travelling means to them. This pent-up demand should benefit the industry for years to come.