Kathleen Meyer
Georgian College
Kathleen Meyer
My travel style:
Adventurous, impulsive, curious.
Countries I’ve visited:
I chose to study travel & tourism because:
On a school trip in Paris when I was 16, I managed to break away from the group for a bit. It was the first time I’d been out on my own while travelling, and it gave me an incredible sense of freedom that I’d never felt before. I knew at that moment I was always going to need more.
My greatest strength:
I really enjoy being busy. I find that the busier I am, the better I can manage things.
My dream job:
I would love to work for a DMO or an RTO.
The most exciting travel trend right now is:
Virtual reality tourism. It’s giving people a chance to virtually “explore” places they’d like to visit. This will whet appetites, so when borders do eventually open up again, they’ll be ready to book those tickets.
I can’t travel without:
A good pair of walking shoes.
My most memorable travel experience
was a trip to Catalina Island, California. It was life-changing. The views were astounding, the history was fascinating, and the conservancy efforts made me feel like I was part of something bigger and more important.
First place I will visit post-pandemic:
Newfoundland. In class, I learned so many fascinating facts about the province, I was smitten.
On my bucket list:
Anywhere and everywhere!
My greatest achievement:
Surviving a three day hike in Algonquin Park that I was physically not prepared for. I went into shock and became severely dehydrated, but since I was otherwise healthy and had good first aid skills, I managed. Next time, it’ll be a canoe trip instead.
Best travel advice I’ve received:
From my Nana, who is almost 93, still wants to travel, and can read the word “SALE” in any language: “Look for a lot of local ladies carrying the same shopping bags, and you’ll know where the good sales are.”
One positive and lasting outcome the pandemic will have on the travel industry:
It has caused an increased interest in local tourism.