Rachelle Carrier
Sir Sandford Fleming College
Rachelle Carrier
Three words to describe my travel style…
Immersive, Minimalistic, Sustainable.
I chose to study travel and tourism because…
My transformational year travelling abroad made me mindful of the intangible boundary-breaking benefits of travel and the opportunity to revolutionize the industry that I want to be apart of.
My greatest professional strength is…
I’m a self-starter.
My dream job is…
To be a top influencer with the UNWTO.
My favourite travel experience so far has been…
A three-day hike in Freyciet National Park along the coast of Tasmania to the famous Wine Glass Bay, camping along the way.
On my next trip, I’m going to…
Cross-Canada adventure road trip.
My greatest achievement so far…
Travelling for over a year then pursuing my passion for travel at Fleming.
What’s the best or worst travel advice you’ve received so far?
“Conquer all your fears. And just have a laugh.” Danielle McLaughlin (1989-2017)