Sydnee Bell
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Sydnee Bell
My travel style:
Comfortable, energetic, and first timer.
Why I chose to study travel and tourism:
So I could better my life by learning about and seeing as many places as I could. I’m new to the travel world and I really want to get out there and start exploring!
My greatest professional strength:
The ability to work on any team.
My dream job:
To guide tourists that come into Canada. I want to share my love of Canada with as many people I can!
Most exciting travel trend:
Multi-generational travel. Bringing youngsters together with the rest of their family is a great way to create lasting bonds with the people you care about most.
One thing I can’t travel without:
A great travel buddy! As much as I love travelling solo, I want to share those experiences with people I love. Plus, I’m quite the chatty person, so I love the company.
In 10 years I see myself:
In a fantastic career that keeps me coming back day after day. Also, owning a couple St. Bernard puppies!
My favourite travel experience:
A 10-day road trip with my best friends camping in the Rocky Mountains.
My next trip:

A trip somewhere in Europe. Italy is my number one choice.
My greatest achievement (so far):
Moving away from my family to pursue my dream in a different city. I left what was familiar and took a huge leap and changed my life for the better. I am definitely proud of myself for everything I have accomplished here during my time at SAIT.
On my bucket list:
Travel to South Africa, take a picture in front of the Colosseum, see all the provinces and territories in Canada.