Trisha Naha
Humber College Institute
Trisha Naha
My travel style:
Unscripted, curious and immersive
Countries I’ve visited:
I chose to study travel & tourism because:
I travelled as much as possible in the last few years and discovered that I love immersing myself in various cultures. I love the idea of creating life-changing tours for people in an environmentally friendly way.
My greatest strength:
My dream job:
Working for Lonely Planet or Condé Nast Traveler.
The most exciting travel trend right now is:
I really like that hotels and airlines are upgrading their safety and hygiene standards. I hope a lot of these precautions are maintained post-pandemic.
In 10 years, I see myself:
Owning a successful company.
My most memorable travel experience
was my trip to Italy with my mom. We rented a car in Tuscany and drove to Pisa. We stopped at the local grocery stores, and ate at small family-owned restaurants. We had the most wonderful, spontaneous seven days in Italy.
First place I will visit post-pandemic:
Costa Rica. I did my internship with Illusion Travel Group, a tour operator based out of Costa Rica. During my internship, I got to learn so much about this beautiful country and I’m very excited to explore it in person. I admire the country’s sustainability efforts and how focused they are on preserving their environment.
On my bucket list:
Every country and city in the world!
My greatest achievement:
Definitely winning the Baxter Student Ambassador Program for Humber College.
Best travel advice I’ve received:
Respect the destination you visit. Every destination has their own set of etiquette and laws, it’s very important to be familiar with them prior to arrival.
One positive and lasting outcome the pandemic will have on the travel industry:
I really like that people have become better informed of how important sustainable tourism is because of the changes we’re seeing in our air and our waters.